I'am Gabriel
Master Student
In Computer Science



BackGround of Me

A Master Computer Science student at Western Washington University, born and raised in Hong Kong. Enjoy coding, hiking, traveling, and gaming. I am an outgoing person, have been to over 30 countries, and decided to settle down my life and continue my career as a software developer. I started learning programming in September 2019, and January 2021 will be the first quarter enroll in masterclasses. Just one year, I have created an E-commerce website, DeadWood board Game, and working on a chess game on the Android platform. In the future, I will be working on more projects and be a better developer!


My skills

Through the experience in University, I learn a lot in computer science, object-oriented design, database, types of algorithms. Also learning different types. of developing in school and between quarter break, to build up a competitive portfolio, and get ready for an internship before I graduate. For the current quarter, winter 2021, I am using react native to build a stock app for one of the masterclasses.


E commerce

Maktub is an E-commerce project that I made for my friend, using JAVASCRIPT, HTML, CSS, and JSON. It has functions such as item search, add items to the shopping cart, and edit the number of items in the shopping cart... etc. Most of the codes are generated by JAVASCRIPT to HTML and using JSON as a small database so that editing images and text even adding new item would be as easy as just edit the JSON file.

DeadWood board Game

I had converted the DeadWood board game to a computer vision. Made with JAVA and JAVA Fx. I created and completed this entire project by myself, and learn a lot from it. This project follows the model view controller design pattern and used the best object-oriented design I know back to the time. User can simply click the buttons to control the game instead of typing or moving things around, and here is a demo Link.

Tic Tac Toe

It is a simple Tic Tac Toe game, the first Android appication I made, using Java. I had converted it to an apk and uploaded to a app host, please simply click the image below to try it out.